It’s difficult finding the kind of mental health support that you can trust for your patients’ care. At 1A Wellness, our out-of-network practice was built on a reputation that starts with highly-trained, caring clinicians who employ evidence-based methods. We would love to chat more about your patients’ needs and to tell you about our practice.

Dr. Kristina Harter founded 1A Wellness in 2019 after two decades of providing psychotherapy to adolescents, adults, and couples on the North Shore and in Cambridge. A graduate of the UNC-Chapel Hill doctoral program in clinical psychology and former faculty member at Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harter employs clinicians with exceptional training and expertise in empirically validated modalities such as IFS, CBT, EMDR and DBT. To learn more about how 1A Wellness works with practices like yours in providing exceptional mental health care to their patients, please reach out to us. Dr. Harter or another senior staff member would be happy to schedule a call or Zoom with any providers who might be interested in learning more about our practice.

  • 1A Wellness is a well-established psychotherapy group practice located in Cambridge, on the North Shore, and online.

  • A few of our excellent clinicians have current openings.

  • All of our clinicians are highly trained and each is skilled in one or more empirically validated modalities.

  • We pride ourself in hiring therapists who are exceptionally kind, warm and compassionate in addition to being very smart and insightful.

  • We treat a wide range of mental health conditions and life stressors.

  • Our clinicians are adept at helping patients do both in-depth work and make real changes in their present lives.

  • We have also expanded into group work and currently offer a grief group and a trauma group.

  • We are out of network with insurance – patients pay us directly and we provide receipts they can submit for reimbursement if they have out-of-network benefits.

Before coming to 1A Wellness, most of the teenagers we work with haven’t figured out that they have a superpower, and that superpower is sensitivity. They feel more feelings than most people their age. In any given moment of the day, they are picking up on more emotional and social information (noticing that someone looked away when you walked in the room, feeling the person’s anxiety next to you) than most teens and as a result, actually feel more. It is like most people hear one radio station at a time, but they hear 15 channels at once. And they need to navigate this onslaught of information in the midst of social media and the regular work of being teenagers and figuring out their place in the world.

So life is harder for them because they experience more. But life is also more rewarding. Teens with this superpower tend to be exceptionally bright, caring, and generally want to do the right thing. The outside world does not understand how much they suffer. They want a therapist to talk to them and not just sit and listen.

They have large internal critics (What is wrong with me? Why did I get that question wrong?) that have come in and essentially are trying to bully them into doing the right thing. At 1A Wellness, demystifying the relationship between emotions and a sensitive temperament is a big part of the process. We help teens better understand and work with their superpower so they can use it for good. Teens that work with us learn to respect their unique way of being in the world, and learn tools to cope with strong emotions. They also learn to filter information all the information that comes at them, and stay safe by setting good boundaries.

With 8 office suites between our Wenham and Cambridge locations, 1A Wellness has a team of therapists ready to meet the needs of your patients.